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Analytics for Agricultural Decision Making

Company Overview
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ZedX Company History

ZedX History

  • ZedX Inc. was founded in 1987 near State College, Pennsylvania.
  • Recognized as a leading IT solution provider for the precision agricultural industry.
  • Became one of the leading developers of integrated information technology for decision making for the agricultural, environmental, and energy sectors.
  • In May 2017, ZedX became part of the BASF group, the world’s leading chemical company.
  • ZedX was the first company to develop high resolution, raster weather databases that are compatible with Geographic Information System (GIS) programs.
  • ZedX co-developed a weather forecast service called E-Weather through a commercial venture called SkyBit, Inc.
  • ZedX developed a precision agriculture service called HighQ® through a commercial venture called AgVenture, L.L.C.
  • ZedX developed AgFleet®, an integrated interactive, web-based in-season, tactical decision support service to support sustainable production for the agricultural community.
  • ZedX developed an interactive, web-based platform (NAPPFAST) to support United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) planners in the allocation of resources and in the assessment of how an invasive species impacts agricultural production.
  • ZedX developed an interactive, web-based platform, the integrated pest management (ipm) Pest Information Platform for Extension and Education or ipmPIPE for the USDA APHIS, Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service (CSREES), and Risk Management Agency (RMA), as well as the governments of Canada and Mexico. The public version of the ipmPIPE resulted in significant savings to growers by providing timely information that supported unnecessary spraying of soybean rust.
  • ZedX created an image ordering and processing web-based product for John Deere Agricultural Services (JDAS).
  • ZedX is recognized as a leading Research & Development modeling company. A few key examples of its Research & Development works include:
    • Computer models for monitoring the environmental degradation of non-ceramic insulators for the electrical industry.
    • Gypsy Moth model for simulating the phenological development of gypsy moth across the U.S. based on high resolution, climatological data.
    • A Monarch model for simulating the arrival and coincident development of the butterfly life stages with corn plant phenology.
    • A multi-module, agricultural model which allows a user to determine the economic advantage of planting GMO seed by assessing the potential yield loss from a local pest, such as the European corn borer. The grower can vary a number of parameters such as choice of corn variety, planting date, and market value of a crop at harvest.
    • A three-dimensional, aerobiological model that simulates the potential global movement of an invasive species, such as soybean rust into the continental U.S.
    • An integrated wireless in-field sensing decision support system for apple growers to enhance tactical field operations.
    • An in-field customer supporting system that is integrated with operational tracking software to enhance real time reliability of customer service.
    • Software models to support in-field sensing of corn moisture content for the Bio-Fuels industry.
  • ZedX was been retained to develop an interactive sustainable agriculture web site for the Keystone Center "Field to Market" to support strategic analysis of sustainable farming practices by growers throughout the nation.
  • ZedX developed a web-based mechanism for seed pedigree tracking for the rice industry to insure GMO seed segregation for selected markets.
  • ZedX is currently developing a global crop monitoring and yield forecast system (Intellicrop), designed to provide the most accurate crop commodity yield forecasts by integrating its weather data, satellite data, and crop modeled data into a seamless geo-referenced graphic interface with supporting analytical tools.
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