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Zone Shape Upload Now Available in Zone Maker.

The full version of AgFleet's Zone Maker now offers a new tool for creating prescription (controller) files.

For the past year, customers were able to email shape files into Customer Support where the files were converted into zones and placed into the Saved Zone Management within Zone Maker. This functionality is now available to customers within the Zone Shape Upload interface, which can be accessed in the Tools section of the full version of Zone Maker.

Zone Shape Upload provides the ability to upload zones directly into a field from a shape file created through a third party program. Once the file is uploaded, two options are presented:

  • Save the zones into the Saved Zone Management tool for later use. These field zones can be combined with other fields to create specific zone application rates for a prescription file.
  • The zones can be exported as a single field to immediately create an individual field prescription file with specified zone application rates.
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